Additional Substitute Policy:

A team can ask for help (subs) from external teams only when there are 5 or less players present from the original scheduled team for a game.  HOWEVER, as soon as external players are added, that team automatically forfeits the game.  This is to ensure fairness to all teams, as each team does have 20 players on the roster and this is more than sufficient to field a team. We would like to encourage accountability and responsibility of players to their teams!

Red & Yellow Card Policy:

The FMWSA will adhere to the following policy regarding red and yellow cards given during a game:

1 red card issued during a game = 1 game suspension (next scheduled game)

2 yellow cards issued during a game = 1 game suspension (next scheduled game)

If a player is suspended and does not sit out the next scheduled game, the game in question will be marked as a forfeit by the offending team, and the suspended player will be required to sit out the next scheduled game.

1) All players participating in the FMWSA league are strongly encouraged to wear outdoor soccer cleats.  In addition to this, all players must wear appropriate shin guards and have them fully covered by soccer socks.
2) Each player must wear an FMWSA jersey and preferably shorts when playing.  If for some reason you are more comfortable wearing pants, this is fine, as long as they are made of soft material and won’t cause a safety issue for you as the player.  If the ref asks for proof of shin pads/socks, please willingly comply with their request.

3) In the case of bad weather and needing to wear extra layers, long sleeve shirts are permitted underneath your jersey. The long sleeve shirt does NOT need to match your jersey.

4) The only hair accessories permitted are hair elastics and pro-wrap.  This means things like bobby pins, head bands, clips and hair claws are NOT allowed as they may cause injury.

5) Absolutely NO jewellery is to be worn at any time.  This is an Alberta Soccer Association rule and is there for your safety!  This includes necklaces, earrings, nose rings, bracelets, watches, etc.  If for any reason, a ref asks you to remove a piece of jewellery, willingly comply.